Rev. James

Brains Rev. James Bottle –  500ml

Rev. James Bottle 500ml

Brewery: Brains (ex Buckley’s)
ABV: 4.5%
Style: Best Bitter
Available: Keg, Cask, Bottle (500ml) or Can (440ml)

In 1998 Brains bought the Llanelli based Crown Buckley, of which the bitter Rev. James was born.

The original traditional recipe, which is still used today goes back to 1885. It is named after James Buckley the once owner of Buckley’s who was also a reverend.

The appearance is a dark brown reddish colour with a dark white head.

The aroma is a very unusual and deeply intense, with spicy hints and a slight plumminess.

The taste is altogether sweet, fruity and hoppy. And smooth in the mouth. The finish lingers in the mouth, which is very pleasant.

I doubt you’d find many a drink like this. A unique flavour and memorable aroma. Glad Brains kept it going when they took over Buckley’s.

With the spicy, citrus taste its almost the ‘Mulled Wine’ of ale. Will go well next to your Christmas Dinner!

Appearance: 15/20
Aroma: 17/20
Taste 24/30
Palate: 5/10
Overall: 13/20
Rating: 74/100



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