Original Stout

Original Stout Bottle –  500ml

Brains Original Stout Bottle 500ml

Brains Original Stout Bottle 500ml

Brewery: Brains
ABV: 4.1%
Style: Stout
Available: Bottle (500ml)

Brewed to a traditional recipe Brains Original Stout is now available in Tesco stores throughout the UK.

‘Original Stout’ is a classic full bodied stout with a distinctive chocolate aroma. it is brewed using a combination of chocolate and premium ale malts and bittered with a blend of hops to create a complex flavoursome refreshing stout.

Black colour with and off white tan head.

The aroma is of deep, intense strong coffee and chocolate with dark, burnt roasted malts.

Wow! The taste is intense and really strong. Overly bold coffee and bitter chocolate taste knocks you for six on the first sip/swig. This is not subtle at all when it comes to the flavours, which is a huge negative!

Quite smooth and silky in the mouth. Milk like as you’d expect from a stout but not as heavy.

Very bitter finish.

Sadly I was really looking forward to tasting this stout, being a dark fan but this was brash over style. I forced myself to finish the bottle.

Appearance: 15/20
Aroma: 14/20
Taste 15/30
Palate: 4/10
Overall: 14/20
Rating: 62/100



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