Golden Valley

Golden Valley Bottle –  500ml

Golden Valley Bottle 500ml

Golden Valley Bottle 500ml

Brewery: Breconshire Brewery
ABV: 4.2%
Style: Ale
Available: Bottle (500ml)

Breconshire’s biggest selling and best known ale – the CAMRA Champion Beer of Wales 2004/5. A deep golden coloured ale, brewed with Progress hops – this single varietial ale has all the characteristics of this ‘soft’ hop making it a very drinkable, thirst quenching beer.

As you would expect the beer pours a cloudy and hazy golden amber colour.

There is a great sweet smell with peachy and floral notes hiding in there too.

An overtly hoppy and grassy floral taste which wasn’t too unpleasant, just a little ‘samey’. Some hints of bread and more grass. Little depth or character and rather one dimensional to be honest.

A soft finish.

Appearance: 14/20
Aroma: 14/20
Taste 21/30
Palate: 4/10
Overall: 15/20
Rating: 68/100



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