Ramblers Ruin

Ramblers Ruin Bottle –  500ml

Ramblers Ruin Bottle 500ml

Ramblers Ruin Bottle 500ml

Brewery: Breconshire Brewery
ABV: 5.0%
Style: Ale
Available: Bottle (500ml)

The CAMRA’s Champion Old Ale of Britain, 2010. Dark Amber, malty and well hopped beer, with a beautifully balanced aftertaste – a traditional Old Ale with bitterness and aroma provided by Goldings and First Gold, amongst others.


Sits in glass with a golden colour having a little red hue to it. With a white fizzy head

Has a strong meaty malty aroma with mild grassy tones.

From the first sip there is a big punch of tangy citrus hops. Behind that lies some light fruitiness with a little caramel.

The beer has an extremely hoppy and dry bitter finish.

Appearance: 16/20
Aroma: 16/20
Taste 22/30
Palate: 4/10
Overall: 12/20
Rating: 70/100



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