Hobby Horse

Hobby Horse Bottle –  500ml

Hobby Horse Bottle 500ml

Hobby Horse Bottle 500ml

ABV: 3.8%
Style: Bitter
Bottle (500ml)

Originally brewed in 1879, Hobby Horse very quickly became a throughbred. This hand crafted ale will awaken and re-kindle your senses. Take time out for sumptuous injection and nostalgia

A dark amber nutty-brown colour.

The aroma is mainly malty and of burnt caramel and toffee. With subtle hoppy hints

Taste bitter-sweet with the toffee and malty flavours the strongest. It’s well rounded in the mouth.

There is a fairly hoppy aftertaste with a bitter finish. Quite a simple no-nonsense beer.

Appearance: 16/20
Aroma: 15/20
Taste 21/30
Palate: 5/10
Overall: 15/20
Rating: 72/100



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