Dark Age

Celt Dark Age Bottle –  500ml

Celt Dark Age 500ml Bottle

Celt Dark Age 500ml Bottle

Brewery:Celt Experience
ABV: 4.0%
Style: Dark Ale
Available: Bottle (500ml)

Celt Dark-Age is a full bodied Welsh dark beer.

This beers name comes from the Dark age. Folklore has highlighted many stories of Celtic warriors and kings that waged successful battles against the intruding Anglo-Saxons. None more than King Arthur, who legend has it, fought in 12 battles in the late 5th and early 6th century.

The organic seal of approval!

First of all the bottle is amazing. It looks and feels fantastic. Especially the wrap around the bottle top.

As the name suggests it pours a light black colour with a good white head.

The aroma is plummey and dark stewed fruits, malty and sweet. A hint of toffee apple and burnt caramel.

The first taste is malty with a wholemeal (brown) bread toast flavour. Then the coffee and chocolate flavours come charging through to the forefront.

The finish is very smooth and warm which seems to linger forever.

It slips down with ease, such a drinkable drink.

Appearance: 16/20
Aroma: 15/20
Taste 25/30
Palate: 7/10
Overall: 17/20
Rating: 80/100



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