Brains Bitter Bottle –  500ml

Brains Bitter 500ml

Brains Bitter 500ml

Brewery: Brains
ABV:  3.5 – 3.7%
Style: Bitter
Available: Keg, Cask, Bottle (500ml) or Can (440ml)

Brains Bitter is one of the company’s oldest and most popular drinks.

Uses Goldings and Fuggles hops.

In 2007 it won The Best British Bitter in the Telegraph Best of British Beer Awards

Apparently “12 pints are sold every minute”!

Burnt orange colour, white a foamy white head.

The aroma is very sweet and foremost hoppy. The taste is malty yet sweet with slightly grassy notes. Smooth and clean on the palate.

Quite refreshing with a very bitter finish.

Overall its OK. Somewhat a generic mass-market bitter.

Appearance: 12/20
Aroma: 9/20
Taste 10/30
Palate: 4/10
Overall: 8/20
Rating: 43/100



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